So what do you do on Rakhi?

Rakhi — a festival to celebrate the bond between brothers and sister. As a little girl, Rakhi used to be one of my favourite festivals. The reason is quite obvious. The gifts and chocolates I got from my brothers for tying a colourful thread on their wrists. However, life changes as we grow up. We all move out of our hometowns for higher studies and jobs. It’s been more than a decade since I celebrated Rakhi. I sulked for the first few years when my elder brother moved to Mumbai for college and I was still in school. While all my friends enjoyed celebrating Rakhi, I got bored at home. The day after Rakhi was even worse as they shared their joy on receiving the gifts, chocolates and money from their brothers. Continue reading “So what do you do on Rakhi?”



Just when 2013 was nearing its end I knew something was different. I could feel it. Not in a good way though. I felt a certain discomfort. I couldn’t figure out what’s going wrong. It was just like somebody taking out bricks from the walls of your house, one after one, you don’t realize in a split-second that you’re losing ground but you surely and steadily are. And sure enough I was. Continue reading “2014”