Smiling through the tears

Be strong, they say. What do they mean when they say that? Do they mean that when you see the person you love the most with someone else, it shouldn’t affect you? Hold those tears back and pretend as if everything is fine? Is that what being strong is about? That’s more of being hollow deep inside, I guess.

Why is crying considered a weak person’s characteristic? Why do people deny the existence of their tears? Why do they seek refuge in a place where no one can see them to cry? Accepting that you are in pain and letting your tears out and making peace with them is perhaps the bravest thing you can do.

Why are people so scared of being alone? I think they often confuse loneliness with being alone. Even with so many people around if you still feel alone, that’s when you are lonely. But I never feel alone. Tears are always there to give me company. Tears are your friend, not enemy. Don’t shy away from them. Emanating from the deepest and darkest abysses of your soul in a multitude of intensities, tears set you free. Instilling new passions and rekindling dormant desires, tears are the gateway to life. The day you run out of tears, would be the day pain leaves your heart and with it, love. It’s that numbness I’m scared of, not the immense pain. Because it’s this very pain that makes me feel alive.

So embrace the pain, kiss the tears and let them enliven your life.