So what do you do on Rakhi?

Rakhi — a festival to celebrate the bond between brothers and sister. As a little girl, Rakhi used to be one of my favourite festivals. The reason is quite obvious. The gifts and chocolates I got from my brothers for tying a colourful thread on their wrists. However, life changes as we grow up. We all move out of our hometowns for higher studies and jobs. It’s been more than a decade since I celebrated Rakhi. I sulked for the first few years when my elder brother moved to Mumbai for college and I was still in school. While all my friends enjoyed celebrating Rakhi, I got bored at home. The day after Rakhi was even worse as they shared their joy on receiving the gifts, chocolates and money from their brothers.

But as time passed by and I started enjoying my own company more than anyone else’s, I realized it is no big deal to  not have any brothers around on Rakhi. In fact, now I look forward to this day for a number of reasons. My favourite one being an off from work. Yay! So let’s come back to the title of this post — “So what do you do on Rakhi?” — a question that my friends and colleagues often ask me since I have no brothers in town. And I have never had any specific retort to this question because I never analysed this day in retrospect. So this Rakhi I decided to pen down how I spent my entire day! It would be nice to read it sometime in the future maybe. So the day progressed as follows:

The morning was almost spent in catching up on my sleep. It’s such a great feeling when the alarm goes off and you realize that you don’t have to go to work and you shove your face back in the pillow.  After I  finally woke up at around 11, I decided to ditch the monotony of toasted brown bread and boiled egg and stepped out in my PJs to my favourite bistro for a lavish English breakfast. Considering the time,  I should rather call it brunch. Since it was Rakhi and none of my friends were free to accompany me, my dad decided to give me company, even though he had had his daily dose of oats and fresh fruits.

English breakfast consisting of fried eggs, bacon rashers, chicken sausages, baked beans, hash brown. roasted tomato and toast with a cup of steaming cappucino.

In the afternoon, I decided to watch the latest Bollywood thriller Rustom with my mom and aunt. It wasn’t bad at all! As we got out of the theater, I finally picked up the M&S lingerie I had been eyeing online for so long!

The evening turned out to be pretty chitty chatty with gupshup over chai with my fam jam. The conversation was majorly about India’s latest medal in olympics and Akshay’s acting in Rustom.

Post chai, I spent some time organizing the mess in my room. This was actually pretty tiresome. And so as I lay back on my bean bag, I decided to do one more thing which I had been putting off since a long time. Write a new blog post!

So while my friends complained about annoying relatives with their even more annoying questions, I had quite a fulfilling day, I’d say. And brownie points to Rakhi since all house maids, presswala, sabjiwala and the courier delivery guy were on leave and thus no one rang the door bell. Thank God for small mercies!



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