The Purgatory Called Maybe

Life is a quest

That makes one wander

In search of that undefined peace

Travelled deserts and seas

To seek that ultimate bliss

Found nothing but cruelty and greed

And then one day

She thought she found that heed

Heaven on Earth it seemed

Tranquil nights, beaming mornings

The lust for life had finally been fulfilled

Until one dark, stormy night arrived

The lightning and thunder wreaked havoc

Pain and plight fraught their lives

In search of better days, he left

Sleepless nights, foggy mornings

Streams of tears, beds of thorns

Hell on Earth it seemed

Destiny crossed their paths again

Hopes lit up like lights on Christmas eve

“Come home”, she said

“Someday I will”, he said

She smiled

Until he added


And that’s where she lived all her life

The purgatory called maybe




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